Durance discovery

April to November

Live the adventure of an overnight trip discovering the upper Durance valley.

(do not hesitate to contact us to know all the trips)


Before to get aboard the adventure, we’ ll give you an introduction course on a lake (The trip can be run in a kayak or a canoe)


  • approaching the kayaks and canoes
  • introducing the basic paddle strokes
  • read and use the water moves
  • basic rescue techniques


Following this course, we’ll get on board for a 2 days adventure on the Durance river.


  • All the paddling equipment is provided
  • We provide a Tarp to be protected from the rain. You can choose to bring a matalas and a tent if you like
  • Dry cloth and shoes will be usefull during the bivouack
  • Dinner and breakfast is provided, you will have to bring your lunches (2)

Duration : 2 days

Level : All levels

Spots : Upper Durance, from L'argentière to Serre Ponçon lake

Price : 195€